Continuing Education  

  General Renewal RequirementsF for salesperson or broker first-time renewals ONLY (end of first 4 years)

For salesperson or broker first-time renewals ONLY (end of first 4 years. Our 45-hour package includes separate 3-hour courses in Agency, Ethics, Trust Fund Handling Fair Housing Risk Management and Management & Supervision.** These licensees are also required to complete at least 18 additional hours of courses related to consumer protection. Our Continuing Education Package covers both first time and subsequent renewals. There may be additional package options available, please visit the DRE's website for info.

Enrollment provides instant access to our high quality course content as PDFs or physical textbooks, with online chapter quizzes and open book online final examinations.

**DRE Advisory: Effective January 1, 2016, a new mandatory subject in Management & Supervision will be required as part of the 45-hour continuing education requirement. Our Management & Supervision course has now been officially approved by the DRE. If you are a broker renewing for the first time as a broker and have an expiration date on or after Jan. 1, 2016, we will add the Management & Supervision course to your package for FREE!

Please give us a call at 619-794-0055 with any questions.


45 Hour Continuing Education Package - Price: $59 with online PDF's or $69 w/books + $14 shipping


  • 45 Hour License Renewal Package - 1st Renewal(Click Here To Purchase) $59 w/PDFs or $69 w/books + $14 shipping
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      How Online Courses Work


    All of Clare Institute's online continuing education courses (Ethics, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Fund, Risk Management, Real Estate Contracts, Disclosure Obligations and Financing & TRID) include online quizzes for each lesson. Quizzes must be completed to advance within the online course material, however no passing grades are required to proceed to subsequent levels. Immediately after each quiz is submitted you will receive a summary of how you answered the quiz questions, plus links to relevant text within the reading material, and passwords for the next lesson of the course.

    The questions are sequentially related to the reading in the text. The answer to question 1 will be found at the beginning of the assignment. The answer to question 2 will follow the answer to question 1. The answer to question 3 will follow that of question 2, etc.

    Final Examination - Online

    Passing each course is dependent upon you receiving a score of 70% or better on each final examination. These tests may be taken OPEN BOOK. Please see the chart above for specifics on number of questions and times allowed for each final exam.

    If you choose to take our online continuing education courses you will be able to take the final examination ONLINE, without the need for monitored testing. Our online courses do not require books, you can do the reading directly online. However, if you choose, you can purchase printed course booklets and still take the final examination online. This is another great reason to register for the Clare Institute's online continuing education courses.

    Online Completion Certificates/Transcripts

    For all online students, your Certificate of Completion/Transcript is issued by our office, via email, within one business day of completion of the courses. This email will contain a link to your signed certificate, with printing directions. Since we have the capability to send you a signed copy in email, you will NOT receive a hard copy in the U.S. Mail. Please save the link to this email should you need to print additional copies at a later date.

    Important: It is your responsibility to send the proper renewal forms (with fees) to the California Department of Real Estate. We do not do this on your behalf. We recommend using the eLicensing feature through the California Department of Real Estate's website.

    Please contact Clare Institute @ 619-794-0055 if you have further questions.

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